Last updated: 18.07.2022

This legally binding agreement, hereinafter the “Agreement”, provides for terms and conditions of the access to and use of the Warspace ARENA, hereafter “Arena”, which is a real time PVP online minigame, and which includes copyrighted or otherwise legally protected digital objects or materials. Arena may be located at and accessed online or downloaded, or distributed as a mobile application, or accessed through any other lawful technical means or media channels which might be made available or unavailable at any time.

The Agreement is entered into by an interchange of electronic communications or data as between the owner of Arena, hereinafter “we”, and any individual end user who accepts the Agreement by any means or method determined hereby, hereinafter “you”, whether a natural person or a legal entity, in any case, possessing required legal capacity, rights or authorizations to conclude this Agreement in its entirety under the applicable law. If this Agreement is accepted by an agent or any other representative acting for you, it is deemed as accepted by you personally provided that both the agent or the other representative, and you possess the required legal capacity, rights or authorizations.

  1. Acceptance. You are regarded as accepted the Agreement either by filling a checkbox or by any other express positive response to the respective request which contains a full text hereof or a web-link to its full text or, in absence of such our request, by completing a registration, or making any hit in a game session, or by any other lawful access to or use of Arena, whether full or partial. Your acceptance hereof serves as your consent for us to collect and process your personal and other data as described in our privacy policy.
  2. Use of Arena. Hereunder you are entitled to access to and use Arena end user functionality or play Arena worldwide, for your personal and non-commercial purposes and during the effective term hereof provided that you always act in full compliance with the applicable law and this Agreement, and our further instructions, rules or guidelines; make all payments charged by us; and provided that you do not interfere with or disrupt, or perform any other fraudulent activity which directly or indirectly burdens us, Arena or other Arena end users. Any use bots or automatizations, or other alternative clients to replace or assist your personal playing Arena is strictly prohibited. Revealing such use results in immediate blocking your access to or use of Arena, deactivating your Arena account with irrevocable forfeiting your Arena deposit and without opportunity of your re-registration.
  3. No warranties. To the fullest extent permitted by the applicable law Arena is provided on “as is" basis without any our obligations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, in particular, as to availability, functionality or quality; or absence of any defects or errors; or correspondence to your expectations or purposes; or any implications of your access to or use of Arena; or processing any data transferred, generated or received by us or you, or addressed to us or you, or confidentiality of the data; or non-infringement of third parties’ rights; or maintenance, support or updates of Arena. We may from time to time at our sole discretion modify, add or remove any of Arena functions as well as technical means or media channels for your access to Arena as well as temporally suspend your access to and use of Arena for technical reasons, maintenance or updating purposes.
  4. Registration. For playing Arena you shall register and login with your WAX-wallet account. The wallet is debited for a certain amount subject to your confirmation, the debited WAX-amount is transferred to your Arena deposit which contains your in-game assets. The reverse transfer is not allowed. You may play Arena until your deposit is not completely used up for making hits in one or several game sessions.
  5. Game Sessions. Arena is played in game sessions or tournaments. A unique web-link to the given game session is posted in the Warspace Server - Announcement channel at Once you join the game session your actions are chargeable from your Arena deposit. Upon completion of the game session certain WAX amount is credited to the WAX-wallet of the top-player. The charged the players and redistributed to the top-player WAX amounts may be changed by us in any time. More detailed description of game mechanics is contained in the Warspace Arena White Paper which may be updated or modified by us from time to time. We reserve the right to check correctness of your playing to avoid any fraudulent misbehavior or winnings in breach of this Agreement. Any relevant questions may be addressed to us through the Arena channel at
  6. Third-Party Content. Arena may have links to third-parties’ web-sites or interfaces, as well as incorporate or integrate various third-parties’ content such as music, pictures, designs, information or data, software, hereinafter the “Third-Party Content”. We provide no obligations or warranties of any kind, whether express or implies, with respect to the Third-Party Content. Your access to or use of the Third-Party Content is entirely at your own risk and expense, and shall be subject to the applicable rules and guidelines. We incur no liability for consequences of your respective actions whether or not such access to or use of the Third-Party Content is expressly or impliedly required for proper access to or use of Arena hereunder.
  7. Intellectual Property. Unless indicated otherwise, Arena is our intellectual property, including any and all source codes, database, software, designs, audios, videos, texts, photographs, and graphics, and all other related content, and trademarks, service marks and logos contained therein, hereinafter the “Intellectual Property”. The Intellectual Property is owned, controlled by us or properly licensed to us, and it is protected by copyright and trademark laws, or legally protected otherwise. No part of the Intellectual Property may be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, publicly displayed, decoded, translated, transmitted, distributed, sold or licensed, or otherwise exploited for the purposes or by any means, or methods not expressly permitted hereby or by the mandatory statutory provisions. Hereunder you are granted a limited right to access and use Arena with all reservations and conditions contained herein for your personal needs only, and you may not in any manner share your access to or use of Arena with any third parties, or grant, or transfer to third parties such your access or use, or create opportunities for third parties to directly or indirectly exploit your access to or use of Arena.
  8. User Data. Any data which is generated by Arena or uploaded to Arena by you or for you, or transmitted to Arena by the Third-Party Content shall unconditionally belong to us as full owners of the data without any our obligations or liability towards you such as with regards privacy or confidentiality, or the scope and purposes of our use of the data, unless the mandatory provisions of the applicable legislation provide otherwise such as the personal data provisions. Hereby you grant us a permission for the effective term hereof and two (2) years thereafter to store, use or otherwise process your personal data, if any, for the purposes of our proper performance hereof, exercising and protection of our rights and lawful interests hereunder, advertising, maintaining and upgrading Arena. This section applies with account of our privacy policy.
  9. Liability. We, our affiliates, contractors, employees, agents shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, consequential or other damages which you may incur, however caused and under any theory of liability, including, without limitation, any loss of profits, loss of goodwill or business reputation, loss, corruption, disclosure or misuse of data, or any other loss, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages. Arena is made available hereunder in reliance upon the warranty disclaimers and limitations of our liability as set forth herein which reflect a reasonable allocation of risk and constitute an essential basis of our bargain which otherwise would not be contemplated by us. Your liability for our damages or losses arising from your breach hereof including, but not limited to, your misuse of Arena or Intellectual Property infringement, shall be governed by the applicable law.
  10. Effective Term and Termination. This Agreement takes effect from your acceptance hereof as determined hereby and remains effective until terminated as provided for hereby or by the applicable law. We may at any time at our sole discretion terminate this Agreement by way of blocking your access to or use of Arena and deactivating your Arena account without any liability towards you following such termination.